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Have fun! Gain confidence! Build self-esteem!


Imagine a workshop that lets your creativity flow and your confidence develop, while working in small groups with professional coaches who understand youth actors and what it takes to succeed in this industry. In our intimate classes students benefit from personal interactions with our coaches to help them learn in a fun yet professional environment.

Scripts and screens – Smile, you’re on camera!!

We are very particular in providing the perfect materials and scripts for each age group to give students a realistic experience, all while making sure that we are providing a fun learning environment that promotes personal growth as well.

Confidence? You bet!

Our coaches are committed to helping our students to become confident in expressing themselves and performing in front of others. This is a life skill like no other and a gift that lasts a lifetime!

Yes, imagine acting!

And imagine having fun in this creative and and confidence building workshop!

We know you’ll love it!


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11-17 years 6-10 years 3–5 years $49 Intro Workshop


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11-17 years 6-10 years 3–5 years